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  • Our Simple Inventory
  • Hello There.

    Welcome to our simple inventory system. It designed to help you order, build, assemble, and price things.

    Try it

    Username: demo
    Password: demopwd

    What it is designed for

    We use it primarily to build panels, electronics assemblies, and other manufactured goods. We use the Octopart data search engine to help fill in parts data.

    More Info

    Please contact for more info on accounts and deployment.

  • Workflow
  • We shall provide more detail with built-in help. For now, it's pretty simple:

    1. Create a stock library of parts
    2. Take an inventory of current stock levels
    3. Create BOMs from stock library parts
    4. Create assemblies and set a reserved date to reserve parts
    5. Execute assemblies to deduct parts from inventory
    6. Create parts orders by vendor automatically from available and reserved stock*
    7. Execute stock orders with order details to show parts on order
    8. Mark order items as received as parts arrive
    9. Complete assemblies by physically taking parts from inventory and marking as complete to deduct items from inventory

    * Not yet available.